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The 4 Rugby World Cup Pools France 2023

Rugby World Cup Pools have been confirmed

The Rugby World Cup Pools have been confirmed for France 2023. As host nation, France was drawn first and placed in Pool A.

The other countries were drawn from 5 different bands in random order, starting with band 5, which included Africa country 1, Oceania country 1, Asia / Pacific country 1 and the final qualifier. America country 1, America country 2, Europe country 1 and Europe country 2 were randomly drawn from band 4. Scotland, Argentina. Fiji and Italy from band 3. From band 2 Ireland, France, Australia and Japan were drawn. Finally, South Africa, New Zealand, England and Wales from band 1.

The first draw in each band was placed in Pool A, the second in Pool B, the third in Pool C and the fourth in Pool D.

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The Rugby World Cup Pool format

Twelve of the 20 teams are automatically qualified by finishing in the top three of their Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool. These are the countries South Africa, New Zealand, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Argentina, Fiji and Italy.

The remaining teams come from a regional qualification process, and were divided into groups based on their strength. Two countries from Europe, two countries from America and one country from Africa, Asia / Pacific and Oceania. In addition, the winner of the final qualification will be added.

Which Rugby World Cup Pool should you keep an eye on?

With three titles, one runners-up finish and 49 wins to their name, New Zealand are the most successful team in Rugby World Cup history. The All Blacks conquered the world as hosts in 1987 and 2011 and then again in 2015, becoming the first nation to win back-to-back Rugby World Cups.

South Africa, based in Pool B, is one of only two teams, alongside New Zealand, to have won Rugby World Cup on three occasions. The Springboks missed the first two tournaments due to their exclusion from international sport, but have more than made up for it since.

The fact that New Zealand and South Africa are giants should not make us forget that pool C & D also has fantastic matches on the program. How about Ireland against Scotland, that must be a cracker. Or England in pool D which is the only European country ever to win the Rugby World Cup.

Reason enough to keep an eye Rugby World Cup Pool A & B, or will an outsider from Pool C or D win this year?

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